Once you are a registered user and have an account setup, you can view any category you wish in the green left sidebar.


Each topic can expand once clicked upon to reveal more related, relevant subtopics.




Each area gives you the capacity to add on as many persons/businesses/accounts as you like to make the system
fully expandable and changeable.


The orange arrow below, ‘Add_____’ depicts what you will see in each subarea.




Once you’ve completed a certain amount of information, make sure to press the
‘submit’ button to save all your changes.


If you choose, you can go to your account summary area and export all of your work thus far as a

PDF file.



You can use this as a reference for yourself as a hard copy, or, when fully completed, submit to the appropriate parties
(such as lawyers, etc.) for processing.



This is the power of the Executor Made Easy System!
A centralized, portable system that can be updated as often as you wish and saved for future reference.


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