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Not many people like to think about their own death, and struggle with taking the time to properly prepare. The reality is, if you are not properly prepared the toll on your loved ones is significantly increased. As well your lifetime of hard work and money earned will be greatly reduced before it is passed on to your beneficiaries. EME is designed to make this process simple and efficient.

Passing away takes away enough of your money. Don’t give more to the Government, and other professionals than is absolutely necessary. If completed properly EME will also help ensure none of your money or investments go “missing”.

There is approximately 532 Million dollars being held by the
Bank of Canada from unclaimed bank accounts.

Make sure your survivors get everything you spent your life accumulating.

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I agreed to be an Executor without having a clue of what I was getting into. Then I met a friend for lunch and he looked stressed and worn out.  He was going through the process of being an Executor for his Uncle who passed away suddenly.  Even though he was "lucky" and his Uncle had a will it was still a nightmare trying to gather all the information he required.  He had been at it for almost a year and was racking up the legal bills and there was no light at then end of the tunnel.

I was then asked to test this site and asked my friend for help, in less then half an hour he gasped, "Wow I can't believe how much this would have helped!"