CSRF protection: All the form submission has been tracked based on unique token


Once you press the submit button during form submission in our site, a token will be generated. In case, your form submission is not proper or any user is trying to perform duplicate submission, the token will get mismatched with the original one. The CSRF protection ensures accurate submission of form. So, you can be assured that you all essential information provided by you during form submission is safe and secured.


All the forms have been protected from tampering


If any individual with a wrong motive tries to tamper our form data or form fields, he will be utterly disappointed. Our high-end anti-tamper or tamper-resistant protection makes it difficult for any web attacker to modify any sort of data that will have a negative impact on our form.


All the forms are protected from vulnerable inputs to prevent cross site scripting


Are you aware of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks? If not let me explain in brief. You can define it as a kind of injection better to say a web application through which malicious scripts or codes are send by web attacker to different end user. The malicious script once executed by the user can access a number of sensitive information of the site. However, you can relax since all our forms are well protected and it is just not possible for any attacker to inject any sort of vulnerable inputs. So, you are in safe hand.


Captcha has been added in registration and contact forms to prevent spam


Hope you know what the term CAPTCHA implies? If not just keep on reading to get a brief idea. CAPTCHA is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart”. It is a program which determines that whether the user is human or a computer program. It is an essential security feature of a site and you will be happy to find that our registration and contact forms are provided with CAPTCHA to prevent spam. Take a look at the CAPTCHA provided and you will find some distorted text displayed. Now, it is only possible for humans to read the distorted text but no computer program can read it. So, anyone who is accessing our registration and contact forms needs to authenticate as a human first. Our sole motive is to stop spamming.


Url encryption : Url has been encrypted to prevent viewing of data through url


URL encryption is another high-end feature that prevents any web attacker from sending any kind of malicious user data or illegal requests to the application server. We use this feature, so, not a single internal information about our Web application will get revealed to the web attackers. No one could also view our URL parameters or important data since all our URLs has been encrypted.


All the private data, entered into the site, are protected thorough SSL


Secure Sockets Layer is a high-end security technology that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This encrypted link is of immense importance as it ensures the security or privacy of all data that are transferred between the web server and browsers. It is used by many websites to protect the privacy of their online transactions with their valued customers and we are also no exception. So you can trust us completely as we highly value our clients’ privacy.


Every login attempts are under surveillance to protect fraud attempts


If any user is trying to log in with us using wrong user name or password for more than three times, he or she will be blocked automatically. This prevents any kind of fraudulent attempt that may prove detrimental for our site.


SQL Injection: All the form fields are protected from sql injection


SQL injection can be best defined as a hacking technique or mechanism used by hackers to steal essential information or data. Website hackers take advantage of any error in coding of the web applications and pass SQL statements or commands. This allows the hacker to view all essential information at the database and he can even erase it out completely. Suppose the hacker injects SQL commands into the log in form. Now, this will allow him to access all inputs provided in your database. So, you can well understand that it is a real threat. But there is no need to worry since all our form fields are safeguarded from the attack of SQL Injection. All our coding and inputs are error free and invulnerable and it will not allow any hacker to access our database directly.


User can’t change password without answering the security question


It is compulsory to answer a security question to ensure the security of the password you are providing. If you try to change the password, you will have to answer the security question. This will help to prevent any kind of unauthorized access.


Change password notification is notified to user through email


If your password is changed, we will shoot a mail to you to notify the change just to make you aware.


Password is validated for a combination of alpha-numeric and special character


It is a common tendency among users to use passwords that they can easily remember like their birthday or mother’s maiden name or name of spouse. Now, you should remember that strong passwords are always desirable. So when you are creating an account with us, create a unique and strong password using alphanumeric and special character.


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