Executor Made Easy (EME) is designed for you to prepare for the inevitable and provide your Executor with the tools to efficiently and cost effectively finalize your estate.


Family members and friends are typically picked as Executors; this is based on relationships not experience.


The majority of people asked to be an Executor accept without knowing what they are agreeing to.


Being an Executor is extremely difficult and entails hours and hours of work.


Executors are legally responsible for their actions and can be personally sued for any of their decisions.


Not many people believe that they are going to die accidentally, yet thousands of people die every month accidentally in North America.


Being properly prepared is critical to ensure your loved ones are taken care of.


Many Executors are forced into action with little to no notice and no knowledge of what to do to start the process.


Often, Executors will consult a professional who is more than willing to help, at a cost. This cost can be significantly reduced by EME.


Even if an Executor has decided to hire a professional, they are still responsible to provide the information for the professional to do their job.


If not properly prepared, the Executor may spend hours, days or weeks going through files to try to find all the information you have left behind.


They will try to piece together the information, often with many pieces missing. Frustration often sets in, leading to poor decisions.



EME is designed to allow you to store all the information your Executor will require.
It is also designed to allow you to input ONLY THE INFORMATION YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.


EME SecureEME utilizes the highest security methods available on the internet to do everything possible to keep your information secure.



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